Erectile Dysfunction

5 Effective Sex Positions for Men Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction

Without being hard, couples won’t be able to enjoy or have sex. Yes, this is mainly responsible when you develop a desire to have intercourse. However, with some men or women difficulty rises when you are not able to perform sex.

But what could be the reason here? The first case is where you lack sexual desire- due to sexual weakness. Here, the one case where men are under erectile dysfunction- is called impotence.

Here, Kamagra Oral Jelly containing Sildenafil Citrate is one of the best oral drugs available for men.

But somehow some couples are not aware about the positions or starting and this makes them to be in awkward state. But remember there is a need to make up things better by understanding everything to leave impotent.

Here, we have come up for you to undertake the best sex positions for men dealing with erectile dysfunction.

But first, you need to understand what erectile dysfunction is.

What You Should Know About Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction has been one of the major problems that only arise in men. It makes them to be sexually weak and not give up the desired sexual satisfaction.

This is majorly because you being men are not able to develop erections. The phase where your penis is not receiving sufficient flow of blood to develop erections.

Therefore, men are advised to take proper control over their physical to physiological examinations. 

Perhaps for ED, the instant control is to consume Kamagra 100mg which is the oral drug available. It belongs to the PDE-5 inhibitor which makes up the smooth flow of blood by relaxing the blood vessels.

This way, erectile dysfunction gets controlled for some hours giving men and women complete pleasure.

But as we stated above when you are not aware of the best sex positions then you won’t be able to make love. This can be quite frustrating for any one of the couples or individuals.

Likely to manage impotence, different sex position will work out for couples.

Find the Best 5 Sex Positions For Complete Pleasure

Several sex positions can be performed at the time of lovemaking. However, there is nothing mandate that one has to undertake. It is stated that to which you are comfortable can be undertaken and with enjoyment.

So, let us help you uncover them all here and get the best way to control ED or your sexual weakness.


Cowgirl is determined to be one of the great positions that often couples like. Also, it is best suited when you are looking to control Erectile Dysfunction.

In this position, the man simply lies on the bed and women come over him. Here women can go back and move forward to push their bodies towards them and develop a sensation.

This helps men to come under relaxation by relieving stress and developing more erections. The main benefit of undergoing a cowgirl position is to give complete relaxation, give full control to women for pleasure and a controlled breathing can be maintained.

Doggy Style

Doggy style requires a little output from the men’s side and is another way to control impotence. In this position, the man enters the woman from the back side and the woman can take support of her chest area, and arms or even completely lie on the floor.

Here, a man can also bring her closer by undertaking complete sexual pleasure. Often this is one of the positions that couples like because it allows them to control speed and even can offer a highly stimulating visual experience.


Another top 5 sex position that couples can undergo is spooning which is a low-key position that comes with a relaxation of the cowgirl with the tighter sensation of doggy style.

To come to this position have her lay on your stomach and enter her from above side by gently loving her from front. Another position that can be taken within spooning is by facing towards each other. This is helpful for couples to make an intense stage.

Reverse Cowgirl

In this condition, not man, women are over men and making love with full force and stamina. But here in this condition, the face of the woman will be towards the feet of the man.

This is quite helpful for couples as it gives up complete relaxation, give some exciting visual and also develop a unique sensation. Hence, besides taking help from Vidalista 20 containing Tadalafil, trying up for any one of these sexual positions will help couples to get complete pleasure.


Lotus is the sex position that makes couples face each other while women sit on men and make love. This is one of the most adopted positions in the beginning as it develops a complete pleasure.

Here men and women will be around each other by crossing them over and making love. Here, couples can have sex as this is one of the best positions found.

All of these positions, we have mentioned have proven results to satisfy one’s needs. In turn, it is quite helpful for couples to get complete lovemaking without being troubled.

However, men with erectile dysfunction must try for any of these or all positions to make them undergo sexual drive.

Hence, besides taking the medications, sexual positions can also help to drive men and women to get indulge and develop a strong desire to have sex.


Erectile Dysfunction is becoming a day-to-day problem within men and couples as well. This is mainly because here men are not able to hold on erections and complete sex.

Couples need to understand the importance of sex in their life and their position. Often many couples do not know what to start with and time lapse, this even develops a frustrated state and in turn, make things worse. So, trying out the above sex positions will let erectile dysfunction be away from your life and in turn make things better for your future life and Relationship.

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