Erectile Dysfunction

Are Erectile Dysfunction problems caused by masturbation?

Whether masturbation is the major cause of erectile dysfunction or not, is not 100% sure. It is mainly because there is no proven statement that could let you undertake this.

Since erectile dysfunction defines the inability for you not to maintain erections. But masturbation is not directly interlinked with erectile dysfunction.

However, erectile dysfunction is one of the major troubles for men of all ages. But when you have become insecure, or developing stress about it then consuming Kamagra Oral Jelly is one of the defined solutions.

ED can be easily fixed with the help of an oral tablet and this makes an easy for you to have pleasure. But as this article is all about erectile dysfunction and masturbation, and what connection they have, so here is the complete information that we have gathered.

The Corelation between ED and Masturbation

It has been found that masturbation is not directly connected with ED or it causes masturbation.

Sexual problems are no doubt causing a major disturbance in couples’ lives. Since men are only prone to this condition, but alongside female partners does cause the complexity.

You know that when it comes to attaining pleasure, then both of the partners have to make equal contributions and this makes up a difficulty. 

Some of the researchers have found out that if you frequently masturbate to porn then it can cause ED. Mainly this is done by watching too much of porn or also thinking about the sexual intimacy.

But this is not evident, as there are no studies that have come up with the state 100% or assure results.

But there are different causes that can let you to know about ED.

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Major causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is mainly caused by numerous reasons and this is due to physical and also physiological conditions.

Some of the physical causes can include:

Excessive use of Tabaco

Increased blood pressure



Surrounded by cardiovascular problems

Besides this, some of the physiological conditions are:



Or it could be another problem associated with mental disturbance.

Impact of Masturbation towards Erectile Dysfunction 

We have found out there is no connection that we can say for sure that ED is linked with masturbation.

Both of these conditions are entirely different and they have different impacts on one’s mind and health.

However, when it comes to related masturbation and ED then there are studies going on. It has been found that masturbation has some health benefits that are directly interlinked with:

Reduced stress

Also helps to reduce sexual pressure

Gives you the ability to sleep properly

Also helps to improve your self-esteem as well.

But if you have been suffering from any of these state then you should at first consult with doctor ahead.

What if you have Erectile Dysfunction and how can it be controlled?

Erectile dysfunction is impacting millions and due to several reasons within men.

But when you encounter such a state then you need to keep up patience and should adopt the different measures available to get into control.

Some of the major ones here we are listing up

Changes in your Lifestyle

One of the major routes to your health success is the changes in your Lifestyle. You need to look at what you are eating, how you are living and avoiding smoking, alcohol and other necessary poor lifestyles.

You need to look at your weight, sleep management, reduced alcohol intake and even your stress management.

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Consume Prescribed Drugs

This includes oral tablets available in the market or also online. one of those on top is the Kamagra 100 mg. It contains Sildenafil citrate which makes the state to be easier to maintain erections.

Besides this other oral tablets like Viagra, and Cialis are also available to help you overcome the difficulty.

Some therapies

Yes, there are some of the therapies available in the market to let you be in safe hands. One of the majors is cognitive behavioural therapy, as this helps to change the negative thoughts of the patients, undertaking sex education and more.


When nothing is working for you then surgery comes to play. majorly involves the penile implant and in turn, helps to achieve erections for a longer time.

However, it has been found that surgery is found to be painful and also costly. Therefore, not all can accommodate this method.

Therefore, at first oral medications are given and in turn, when nothing works, reaches surgery. But remember this happens to few, as 90% of the cases are solved with oral tablets.

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As we are discussing here masturbation then we can say that if you are thinking that it causes or is linked with ED then it is not.

There are many reasons or information that you can get and you can develop within your mind. But remember this should not be the case, as it tends to develop negative thoughts.

In turn, this can hurt your health and even your mind.

Erectile dysfunction in itself is considered to be one of the most devastate or negative conditions. Once it surrounds you then it can give you stress as you will not be able to perform in bed.

So, to get proper guidance about both ED and masturbation you should consult your doctor beforehand. In turn, seek the necessary control available for your health to overcome difficulty.

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