Azeetop 500 Mg

Azeetop 500Mg

Product Code: GOODRX225
Active Ingredient(Generic Name) Azithromycin
Indication Bacterial Infections
Manufacturer Healing Pharma, India
Packaging 1 Tablet in strip, 3 Tablets in strip, 6 Tablets in a strip
Strength 500mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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What is Azeetop 500mg?

Azeetop 500mg is an oral pill that helps to fight back infections of bacteria. This means it is an antibacterial pill to enable complete relief from bacterial infections.

It functions easily with generic Azithromycin. Hence different bacterial infections that arises in the body

If you have tonsils, skin problems, delicate tissue problem. Upon consumption, it kills the bacterial poison residing within the body and diminishes the side effects.

It is a macrolide Antibiotic class of medicines and kills the germs-causing organism.

Manufacturer of Azeetop 500mg

The amazing pills are manufactured by Healing Pharma India Pvt Ltd. For individuals who undergo major to mild bacterial infections then consuming one tablet of Azeetop helps.

This way, individuals all across the world can rely upon consuming tablets. Also before taking Azeetop 500mg talking to a specialist beforehand can be beneficial. Healing Pharma is a medium-scale pharmacy that delivers drugs across different corners of the world.

How to use Azeetop 500mg?

A class of antibiotics that helps fight infections occurring within the body. The infection can be of any type and is majorly bacterial. If left untreated then the infection can spread across one part and slowly to the other parts of the body or the areas.

Consumption of Azeetop 500mg with water prevents infections.

The right time is 30 minutes to 1 hour before eating- consumption is required.

How does Azeetop 500mg work?

The 500mg of Azeetop led to the destruction of infections caused by bacteria. The condition can rise either due to your poor lifestyle or also the intake of bad food or contaminated water. This led to the cause of development of the infectious stage.

However, the consumption of Azeetop with water for a few weeks can lead to the destruction of infections. When the body gets the right medicine then bacteria slowly and gradually diminish.

Must continue consuming the dose for weeks to report the actual condition.

If you find your infection is healing then stop consuming the dose.

Also if it does not go then try increasing your dose (but consult a doctor).

When should Azeetop 500mg not be used?

The avoidance is recommended when individuals along with Azeetop is consuming Generic Azithromycin. This can be hazardous and need to be avoided.

Some serious allergies can also be developed- in that case need to stop consuming the dose.

Any sort of family history of disorder- that havoc to you. In another case if you tend to undergo some major to mild health issues. Need to avoid taking Azeetop to get the best treatment.

Why Do People Need Azeetop 500?

The general benefit reported of consuming Azeetop is to help patients fight back bacterial infections. Remember there is no other use of the drug and not to be consumed in other case.

Suggested to start with the low dose and then to 500mg. One of the preferred way to determine about the intake of medicine and its benefits.


  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • stomach ache
  • Pain in the chest
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Rash
  • Diarrhoea

Guidelines About Dosages


You might think off overdosing to get early cure- but this is proven to be dangerous. Do not take more than the dose required in any condition.

Missed dose

You could also forget to take the dose – in that case an immediate response can be taken if you have time to sleep.

Drug Interactions

Drug Interactions:

Some drugs can interact with Azeetop and it is therefore recommended to read all instructions written. Do not mix the dose with either of vitamins, supplements of other drugs.

Food Interactions:

Some oily or fatty food can also impact your treatment. Try not to be on poor diet which can you’re your condition, consume food which is healthy for you and you can be fit.

Disease Interactions:

The interaction of bacterial infections with heart problems, liver, kidney and also with some other impact you. Ensure that you are away from any such cases.

How to store Azeetop well?

Necessity to keep your required medicine in contact with room temperature. This makes it to be away from moisture and also increases it shell life.

Warning & Precautions

The first case is to determine and not to consume if coming across any other health concerns.

Women who want to rely upon Azeetop (in case of pregnancy)must contact a doctor beforehand.

If the bacterial infection does not go even after consuming more than a week then immediately basis consults a doctor.

Before consuming Azeetop 500 do discuss entire health condition of yours to get the top results. In this way your body can easily cope up with infections.


Azeetop 500 is a cost-effective medicine that is generic. The purchase can be made easily online with the best online pharmacy. The intake of Azeetop has been increased due to its cumulative benefits. Almost 80% of the medicine showed up good results, one’s who do not might have other health issues. Yet, if your body is suffering from any bacterial infections then we will recommend purchasing Azeetop 500 online. For more information at


When using Azeetop 500mg, may you drink alcohol?

The mixture of Azeetop 500mg is not recommended with alcohol as it causes damage to blood vessels. This way the benefit of the medicine could not be adopted and everything can be wasted.

Is Azeetop 500mg safe for women during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Women who wish to consume Azeetop 500mg during pregnancy or breastfeeding need to consult a doctor. We will not recommend directly consuming the dose as it can be dangerous.

After taking Azeetop 500mg is it safe to drive a car?

After consumption of Azeetop, 500mg some people have reported undergoing dizziness. It is therefore not recommended to take medicine if you are going to drive.

What exactly is the active ingredient in Azeetop 500?

The medicine Azeetop contains Azithromycin which makes it fit to kill the growth of bacteria causing damage. The part which is affected can be completely cured upon consuming the dose for a few days or weeks.



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