Terms & Condition

At Goodrxaustralia all of the employees working for it will not be liable for any purchase made available by customers.

The medicines listed for Goodrxaustralia are dependent upon person to person. Therefore before making any purchase you must own the proper information from the specialist and in turn made the purchase. It is important to have complete details about the medicine you are going to undertake and also safeguard your health.

All of the products listed along with the images or the information are made available generally and do not imply any condition.

The prices for every dosage can also vary from medicine to medicine and can be changed as per the charges running at present time.

Goodrxaustralia does hold the right to every order taken or rejected. This means if your order is canceled due to any reason then we do our rights to return your money (if cancellation is done from our side).

Security is on top

During browsing with Goodrxaustralia customers can leave all of their worries as their data is protected. Yes, customers we have an SSL-protected and virus-free website and server. It makes our complete information stored a safeguard from hackers and unwanted violations.

Customer feedbacks

Feedback makes us strong and works even healthier. At Goodrxaustralia we believe that we are here to make happy to customers. In that manner, we are open to suggestions and also requests. We always try to implement things that work out both for customers and the website and to gain profits.

Shipping order information

Your order will carry a small amount of shipping fee and this is entirely dependent upon the weight of your parcel. Hence at the time of checkout, your billing will contain the price and you can read them carefully before paying so that you are not in second thoughts once payment is done.

Prices of medicines

The prices mentioned on the website can be changed as well. This is because sometimes we do place prices as per the single medicines and bulk. So you must check out the complete information before purchasing to avoid any hassle.

Usually, when you place an order the shipment is done within 2 days and it takes around 7-10 business days to reach you.

Shipping address

The shipping address is saved with us when you place an order before that. This means it can be updated or changed at the time you register with us or also later on.

The process is quite easy as it comes under your profile- go to the address edit section and change or update the one where you wish to deliver your parcel.

Charges of custom

There is a customs duty that has to be paid if your order is outside of the country. We do not have to make changes in that respective amount as this is mandatory to be passed with. These are the rules and regulations governed by the government and made applicable all over.

Further, we do not hold a charge if there is a delay in your order from the custom side. They might take some time to deliver the entire shipment and if it takes too long then your order gets canceled and the order can be placed again.

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